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How to Use your Android Phone as an ECG Prepaid Meter Remote

Have you lost your ECG Meter Remote or Phone?

Is your ECG Meter Remote or Phone Damaged?

Have you lost your Prepaid meter Remote?

Have you lost the Phone that came with your prepaid meter?

Is your ECG prepaid meter Remote or Phone damaged?

if you answer yes to the above, dont you worry. we will guide on

how to use your android phone as a remote for your ECG Prepaid Meter

Step 1:

Go to your play store and search for the " Smart UIU application

or click on this link to install the application directly from play store...

Step 2:

Once the application is installed correctly, go to your phone settings and select apps or app settings or app manager depending on your phone and make.

locate the Nuri app or Smart UIU app and grant permission to your location, storage, camera, and any other available permissions. this step is very important to your success in this endeavor.

Step 3:

Once you have successfully granted all permissions, open the Nuri app or Smart UIU app and then stand near your Prepaid meter and clik "Scan" if all things go well you will see your meter ID displayed on the search window and all you have to do is select and apply.

Done! your Phone has now become a remote for your ECG Prepaid Meter. you can use the app to load credit from Scan code or Token, you can Check Balance, Purchase history etc.


In case you scan and gets nothing in the scan window, make sure to check the following..

  1. make sure your location is set to On

  2. Make sure you have granted all Permissions.

  3. Make sure your phone is as close as possible to the Meter

if you check the above and still nothing, dont worry here are a few tricks you can apply

  1. turn off your Phone's Data and try scanning again

  2. Restart your phone and try scanning again

  3. disable any application acting as administrator example ;; phone master or any Antivirus software

  4. If all the above fails call us or whatsapp on 0541450057 we are here 24/7 to assist

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