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Why your Receipt shows huge "Before Balances" while your meter says you have run out.

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Normally, the ECG Vending System will access your meter and "GET" the current balance before topping it up with your current purchase amount. this allows the system to predict to a certain degree of accuracy, the current balance to be displayed on your meter once your meter accesses the new purchase information.

Unfortunately for quite some time now, the ECG vending system for some reason is no longer able to access your meters to "GET" your currently balances before making a top up. what happens is that, it uses your balance as at the last time the system was able to access your meter and keep adding up your top up amounts as if you have not consumed any.

this is what results in the huge "before balances" displayed on your Receipts.

However, there's no cause to worry as your meter will always perform the right calculations anytime you load a top up.

In order to be sure of your balance in real time, always check the Meter's screen and keep looking until you see your Balance displayed. this is the most effective way to get your current balance in real time.

you can also use your remote device if you have one to check your balance in real time.

you can read my post on " How to use your Android Phone as a remote device if you have lost or damaged your remote device by clicking on the link below

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